High Voltage Services

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High Voltage Services
  • Pole, pad and substation
  • Transformer installations, repairs, and maintenance
  • Substation maintenance and repair
  • Transformer oil analysis
  • Inspections of transformers and electrical systems
  • Infrared scanning and hot spot repair
  • Underground cable locating and fault repair
  • Underground cable installations
  • High voltage cable testing
  • Installation of new wood poles
  • Installations of new and repair of old overhead systems
  • Ground rod resistance testing
  • Emergency repairs
  • Power factor correction
Triec Electrical Services
Outdoor Service and Maintenance
  • Parking lot design, installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of overhead wiring
  • Wood pole sales and installation
  • Sport field lighting design, installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Security lighting design, installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Sign relamping, cleaning and repair
  • Aerial bucket truck service
  • Underground cable installations
  • Underground cable locating and fault repair
  • Ground rod resistance testing
  • Traffic signal installation
Triec Electrical Services
Lightning and Power Surge Protection
  • Surge suppression, lightning, and transient protection for industrial, commercial, and residential uses
  • Protection for industrial controls of all types
  • Automatic capacitor systems for power factor correction
  • Harmonic filtering
  • Surge suppression for fire alarm controls and signaling equipment
  • Protection for the following, in all areas (industrial, commercial, and residential)
    • service entrance equipment
    • branch panels
    • computers
    • peripherals
    • local service panels
    • sensitive electronic equipment
    • equipment entry and multi-wire systems
    • facsimile modem
    • data line
    • multiple signal
    • coaxial
    • twin axial
    • telephone
Triec Electrical Services

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High Voltage Services

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